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A beautiful lawn

Laying a good hard-wearing lawn comprising the best turf is important for the newly-finished garden.

Choosing the right grade of turf for a new garden or landscaping scheme can be tricky, but we have years of experience to establish the right grade needed. We fit different varieties of turf from seed-grown cultivated turf to meadow-grown cultivated turf to suit the intended environment.

Contact Us today and and let us help you choose the best grade for your project.
"There are many grades of turf available for the perfect lawn; from seed-grown cultivated turf to meadow-grown grass."
A manicured lawn

Alan Titchmarsh always said that a well manicured lawn was essential for a lovely garden. Even a few daisies add to the glory that is the perfect summer lawn.

While Alan isn't a member of our team, Salisbury Fencing & Landscaping has the expertise to ensure your lawn is rich and green and luxurious as can be. Daisies or no!
Wildflower Turf

"I remember my Grand Father spending hours removing every last unwanted flower from his decorative lawn" reflects proprietor Dan Frake, "but back then we didn't know the impact mankind was having on our native insect and wildlife populations. Keeping up with the Jones's was more important than keeping our native bees and pollinating insects - which is why those species have dwindled and many are now in crisis."

One little thing that can make a big difference is laying a Wildflower Meadow Lawn in your garden and creating a lush colourful sanctuary for bees and insects alike.

Wildflower Meadow Lawns are easily installed and don't require as much maintenance as decorative lawns. They can be added to existing turfed areas or can be laid anywhere in your garden with the right ground preparation. Before you know it your garden will be bursting with life and colour and with the addition of insect hotels, bird feeders and an eco pond, you will have your own wildlife oasis in the heart of the concrete jungle.
Artificial Lawns

If you enjoy the look of a well maintained lawn but don't have the time or the inclination for the required upkeep, a great solution is an artificial lawn.

We can supply and fit an artificial lawn to replace your existing turf, or in a matter of days, transform a tired patio or boring patch of concrete into a zero maintenance green space that's perfect for an all year round play area or summer barbeque.
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